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Women in Jewelry: Everyday Business Women

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Here at Terra Adorn, we like to say “collaboration over competition”. One of Terra Adorn’s global commitments is to empower women to be strong and to pursue their passions. Looking at women’s stories of success as entrepreneurs and leaders, we can see that Terra Adorn’s goal can inspire amazing ideas brought to life by women.

Jewelry and fashion have always been a major part of the business world with a primary audience of women. Many companies though, have been founded and are run by men.

A few new, innovative companies have made an impact and are gaining popularity by the day. What these companies have in common is that they are all founded by women. While these women have different backgrounds and goals, they are inspiring and motivating other women to transform their dreams into reality. It is important to recognize these women as leaders that believe in what they do. Shedding light on their stories will allow us to see the strength women have to break through any boundaries as long as they have the passion and perseverance.

Join us as we Adorn Sisterhood and celebrate the commitment of our fellow women entrepreneurs.


Photo: The Everygirl

Noura Sakkijha, Co-founder of Mejuri

Mejuri is a fine jewelry company that sells jewelry for everyday occasions. The basic styles allow women to wear their jewelry confidently any time and any place. Merjuri was co-founded in 2013 by Noura Sakkijha and her two friends. Sakkijha’s first goal was not the jewelry business, however; initially, she moved from Jordan to Canada in order to study industrial engineering. After gaining her industrial engineering MBA, she realized her passion was jewelry and started her own company. Since her family was also in the jewelry business, she had some background knowledge but was mainly creating jewelry on her own. She utilizes her engineering background frequently with Mejuri as the online industry requires advanced technological knowledge. Noura personifies the strength women embody when they have the passion and drive to start something new.



Photo: Franco Vogt for Forbes  

Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder of Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani is a massively popular jewelry brand recognized for pieces that connect with people through symbology. Buyers can find meaning in their jewelry and find the right symbol for them. Carolyn Rafaelian, Alex and Ani’s founder, grew up around jewelry. Her father made costume jewelry and she spent many hours in her father’s factory. After college, she moved to New York, where she worked with other brands to design jewelry while also pursuing her own jewelry line. After her two daughters were born, Alex and Ani, Carolyn found the name for her brand and eventually it took off. Now, Alex and Ani is a billion dollar industry that is gaining respect all over the world. Carolyn Rafaelian took her idea and ran with it until people started to notice.



Photo:  womenofwearables

Christina d’Avignon, Founder of Ringly

Ringly is a jewelry company that is focused on incorporating technology into wearable pieces. The jewelry allows buyers to track their steps, get alerts from their phones, and can even guide them through meditation practices. This brand seems like other “smart” brands, but ringly pieces are fashionable before being “smart”. They are everyday jewelry pieces that look elegant and simple, yet double to be technologically savvy. Ringly’s founder, Christina d’Avignon, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a strong passion for both art and technology. Christina came up with Ringly because she wanted a way to keep track of phone calls, times, and dates without having to always look at her phone. She thought jewelry would be the perfect way to do all of this. Since Christina believed that many of the wearable technology brands before Ringly were mainly for men, she wanted to make a product that was primarily for women. That way, women could feel confident in a beautiful piece of jewelry that also incorporated technology into their lives.

All of these women are strong, independent leaders who have followed their passions and ideas to create something beautiful for the world to see. Terra Adorn recognizes their strength and we are inspired by their stories. Hopefully, other women will feel the same and forge their own paths to bring their ideas to life.

Author: Jordan Amy Street, Terra Adorn Ethnographic Writer



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