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Women Who Travel in the Era of Empowerment

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At Terra Adorn, we like to celebrate different cultures, people, and places through the promotion of international jewelry and adornments. In doing so, we also highlight the powerful benefits of travel. More and more women are seeing this power and are venturing out into the world to experience something new.

A recent study presented data that illustrates a shift in women’s perception of travel. Trafalgar states that 73% of women (out of 1000 surveyed) found that travel made them more independent, and 86% of the women feel safe to travel. These data suggest that women no longer feel intimidated by travel and are confident in their ability to step out of their comfort zone. The benefits of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and traveling are astounding and thousands of women have experienced it or will soon.

In order to further discuss travel, it is important to point out that travel does not necessarily mean a first class ticket to a place thousands of miles away. Those kinds of trips are great, but they are unattainable for most people. You can travel just by opening your mind to see something else besides your own daily routine. This could mean traveling thousands of miles, driving for a few hours, or even opening a book about a new place. From each of these experiences, you can learn and benefit from many of the wonderful aspects of traveling. In other words, travel doesn’t always have to be expensive; it is important to recognize the power of a great book, or a half hour drive to somewhere you’ve never been before. Just to open your eyes and see a part of life that you normally wouldn’t acknowledge can be as transformative (if not more than) as a trip around the world.

There are other misconceptions surrounding travel. Commonly defined, travel includes taking a few days or weeks off of work and spending time in a new place, eating the food, meeting the people, and then coming back to reality. For some women, though, the last part is not included. They don’t come back; they continue traveling. These women often refer to themselves as nomads. Most only carry one suitcase and a backpack that contains everything they own and need, and they earn money from remote jobs that they can do from anywhere. This lifestyle allows women to travel the world, experience new things, and still add to their retirement fund.

terra adorn women who travel
Photo by Michael Baron, @michaelbaronr

Nomads usually spend a few weeks in one place before moving on and often make lasting friendships along the way. For these women, “home” is just an idea, and they are happiest when they are moving around and experiencing the world as travelers, rather than visitors. They make each place their home for a little while and immerse themselves in the culture they are surrounded by. Their lives are constantly changing as they explore different parts of the world, but they are able to have a reliable income that can support them. These women follow their passions and fulfill their goals by making travel their reality.

In the past, women did not feel as comfortable with the idea of traveling, especially traveling alone. This is not the prominent idea anymore. Women have the confidence, independence, and passion to traverse the globe. Travel companies have also gotten the memo that there are more women that want to travel, so now there are many more all-female travel groups that offer guided trips to places all around the world. They allow women to feel safe and comfortable surrounded by people just like them because the trips are for women and run by women.

In addition to travel companies, social media has played a large role in motivating women to travel. With the hopes of inspiring other women to travel for their own reasons, Trafalgar started a movement called #SHEGOES that celebrates all of the reasons women choose to travel.  #SHEGOES began shortly after the #metoo movement in a time where women are finding their voices and becoming empowered. Movements like these are strengthening the bonds between women and are giving them the confidence to use their voice for what they believe in, and to be their best selves.

People always say that your best self-lies outside of your comfort zone. This is why allowing yourself to see and experience a different aspect of the world can be so influential. Whether you travel alone or with a group, travel thousands of miles, or even travel in your mind with a good book, spreading the memories and stories from these travels will inspire others to do the same.  



Photo by Priscilla Du Preez


Author: Jordan Amy Street, Terra Adorn Ethnographic Writer


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