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About Terra Adorn

Terra Adorn is a curated jewelry source and international social enterprise dedicated to empowering women social entrepreneurs through storytelling, travel, cultural preservation and women holistic leadership retreats. 

terra (n.) Latin, "earth”

adorn (v.) "to decorate, embellish," or  “make more beautiful or attractive”

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An online - curated jewelry source with the intention of preserving and celebrating cultural adornments.  Each tribal, ethnic and contemporary jewelry piece is sourced from indigenous women artisans in Pakistan, India, Colombia, Indonesia, and in the Americas. 


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Join us as we travel around the world developing relationships with indigenous tribes and learn more about their cultures and way of life. Gleaming insight and wisdom as to how we can live our lives in a more sustainable fashion. Join us on this journey, as we interview and document indigenous and women artisans to help preserve their cultural adornments and crafts.  


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