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Timeless Rajasthani Necklace (Vintage)



A one-of-a-kind traditional Rajasthani pendant designed with intricate sterling silver beads. A true statement piece, and with its classic style and beautiful craftsmanship, it is wearable art.

 *** Pendant is a vintage glass mirror item.

Origin: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Material: 92.5 sterling silver, yellow & red glass

Pendant Length: 4'' Necklace Width: 1'' Necklace Length: 26''



Terra Adorn Donate Rajasthan Collection

Here at Terra Adorn, we too are taken by the beauty and calming nature of Rajasthan’s traditional silver jewelry—so much so that we also want to dedicate our time to seriously studying all we can about the craft, including the culture and people it came from.

As such, we are grateful to offer a collection that celebrates and preserves not only Rajasthani jewelry but the lives of Rajasthanis as well. 15% of the collection’s proceeds will go to Ladli, a project committed to giving destitute, abused, and orphaned children in Jaipur, Rajasthan a better chance at life. Sponsored by I-India, a non-profit and NGO, Ladli provides these children with educational programs, nutrition, counseling, and medical check-ups.

Terra Adorn Donate Ladli Jaipur India

Ladli also teaches children handicraft skills, including jewelry-making. For young girls who might grow up to have even more limited financial options than boys, keeping the craft of jewelry-making alive can be especially helpful as jewelry is part of Stridhan (a trousseau) which provides some financial security.

Through this partnership, (and with your help!), we can aid Rajasthan’s young, bright children and its beautiful, traditional crafts at the same time.


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